Workplace education effectiveness:

Workplace Education consists of programs that are planned and delivered through business/education partnerships and provide customized work-related basic (or foundation) skills instruction to those already employed and in need of more advanced skills to maintain or advance in their jobs. The effectiveness of these programs can be evaluated on four levels, as developed by Kirkpatrick:

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation

In the late 1950's, D.L. Kirkpatrick developed what has become one of the most popular models for evaluating workplace education programs. Kirkpatrick's system has four levels of evaluation.

Figure 1

Level   What the Level Measures
1 Response Was the employee satisfied with the workplace education and did employee complete it?
2 Learning What did the employee learn from the workplace education program?
3 Performance How did the workplace education program affect employee performance?
4 Results Did improvements in employee performance attributable to workplace education affect organizational performance?